About Clara


Raised in Northern Michigan on stolen Chippewa and Ottawa land, Clara is a poet that rejects separation between the natural world and the human experience, exploring embodiment and emotionality through the surrounding environment. As a student of English at Grinnell College, Clara received the Selden Whitcomb Prize in Poetry in 2016 and was a runner-up in 2018. During her college education, she also co-led Grinnell Monologues, a writing and performance group dedicated to uplifting the experiences of queer and gender non-conforming people.

Clara began her activism in Washington DC where she spent 2019 with feminist anti-war group CODEPINK organizing their 2019 Fall Iran Peace Delegation and coordinating their Congressional Divest from War campaign. She has also participated in the Embassy Protective Collective, the anti-imperialist resistance to the State Department takeover of the Venezuela Embassy during US coup efforts in Venezuela. 

Clara has since returned to Michigan, where she continues to write and organize wherever she can.